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Heat and Sound Insulation Plaster

Heat and Sound Insulation Plaster

Heat and Sound Insulation Plaster is a cement-based multi-purpose insulating material that ensures an air-permeable heat, sound and fire insulation on the surface applied thanks to the natural lightweight aggregates that has a porous structure and contains polymer and chemical additives in its formulation.


Application Areas


It is applied as a rough plaster on the surfaces such as brick-gas, pumice concrete  block etc. on the exterior and interior facades of buildings. 





: Kraft Bag


: Granulated Powder

Application Temperature

: +5 °C /+30 °C


: 3,5 - 4,5 kg powder product/m2 for 1 cm

Application Style

: Steel Trowel - Plaster Machine

Tested Drying

: 28 Days

Top Application

: 2-3 days (depending on the material thickness )
: ( 23 °C – at a relative humidity of 50%)


: In 8-layer stacks, humid and dry environment and in original packaging

Shelf Life

: 12 months as unpackaged and in a dry place

Pot Life

: 120 dk ( 23 °C at a relative humidity of 50%)


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