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Ready-to-Use Plaster (Thick)

Ready-to-Use Plaster (Thick)

It is a cement and perlite-based extremely economical powder containing polymers and chemical additives created to obtain thick plaster.

Technical Properties


Cement-based powder mortar


Concrete Grey

Application Temperature

+5oC /+ 30oC

Application Time

Apr. 45 to 60 min. (20oC)


20-21 kg/m2 depending on the surface (1-cm thickness)



• Excellent adhesion and is easy to apply.
• High adhesion due to its chemical additives. It is economical due to its low rebound.
• No cracking.
• Treatment time is long.
• Provides heat and sound insulation as it is perlite based.

• As thick plaster over brick and stone walls,
•As thick plaster to fix levelling differences between gas concrete, Ytong walls and reinforced concrete system 
• To flatten surface differences before laying ceramics on the walls,
• Prior to all kind of isolation during the repair of surface defects and chamfering of corners.
 • To fill the rod clearances.



A pack of material is mixed with 10-12.5 kg. of water by a low speed mixer or a concrete mixer. It is applied to a previously water-saturated surface by a trowel.
Since it is cement based, it should be cured with water in hot weather.  Surface should be finished by Persan fine plaster.



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