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Eile Pur 1000

Eile Pur 1000


Single-Component Polyurethane Liquid Membrane

EliePur 1000 is a specially-prepared modified polyurethane-based and single-component waterproofing material used for the insulation of dilatation joints, roofs and foundations which has a high elasticity, is crack-bridging, is resistant against impacts, punctures and elongations and is not affected by the weather conditions and dilatations.



  • Has a single component.
  • Provides excellent adherence.
  • Is ready to use,
  • Is easy to apply,
  • Is crack-bridging,
  • Creates a waterproof and moisture-proof, jointless and seamless coating
  • Has resistance against chemicals and bacteria
  • Is algae resistant
  • Does not lose its elasticity in cold weather. 
  • Used for insulation in roofs, foundations, garages, subways and underground storages, bathrooms, between precast wall panels, in precast stream grooves, valleys and parapets, in horizontal joints with a jointing for settling and working and in stone, brick, concrete buildings, in pavements and curbs, in floorings of plaza terraces, multi-storey car parks and other buildings open to traffic.

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