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Eile Elastomer

Eile Elastomer


Acrylic-based, UV-resistant, antibacterial waterproofing material

Eile Elastomer is a styrene-acrylic copolymer emulsion-based, waterproofing, elastic, ready-to-use and liquid plastic coating material.


TS EN 14891




  • Terraces and roofs
  • Exterior spaces, horizontal and vertical applications
  • North facades of silos, buildings and warehouses.



  • Can be diluted with water. Quick and easy-to-apply.
  • Appliedusing a brush or roller
  • Paintable
  • Has a microporous structure therefore it ensures air permeability for the surface.
  • Has freeze – thaw cycles resistance.
  • Is highly resistance against chemicals and UVlights
  • Does not allow for bacterial growth due to the antibacterial chemicals available in its structure.

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