Bulk Screed

Persan Heat and Sound Insulation Screed in kraft bags can be casted into the polyethylene bags of 100 to 200 cubic decimeter. In the bagged product, all essential elements are available in the bag. For application, the product is only mixed with water. In cast screed, however, the cement (200 kg/m3) and water (350 l/m3) are mixed at specified rates and applied. Both the bagged and bulk screed can be applied with conventional machines.

Bulk Screed Weight

Binding Rates

28-day Compressive Strength

Heat Conductivity Value

Bulk Screed Weight

100 kg

2,75 N/mm2

0,076 W/Mk

Sound Insulation (dB)

20-44 dB (depending on the frequency)

Fire Class


Top Application