Persan SolaPer PV System

Persan SolaPer PV System

Persan SolaPer PV System

Persan SolaPer Photovoltaic System is an easily adapted system which has 4 SRP 10/20 solar modules and may be designed in a way to cover the whole roof up to your personal needs. It is easy adaptable and has a large grid inverter option. As an installed power, all project designs and necessary equipment can be supplied from a single source according to your needs. Its natural cooling system on rear surface and the solar safety glass on its front surface allow the solar modules to work with an optimum efficiency. Thanks to its abundant opportunities, PERSAN SolaPer PV system is the most suitable system for modernization.



The price of electricity produced in conventional methods is increasing with each passing day. However, the situation is vice versa in the energy generated on your roof. According to the renewable energy law, electricity distribution 

companies has to pay a minimum payment for each kilowatt hour of (kWh) energy produced in photovoltaic system. We offer an innovative solution with SolaPER photovoltaics which is the ideal combination of environmental protection and financial benefits.  The built-in system attracts with its light design and its power. The whole package from solar modules to inverter is in PERSAN’s program.

Persan SolaPer Photovoltaic; 

  • Environment friendly,
  • Affordable
  • Easy to apply,
  • Suitable for modernization,
  • Stylish 

Can be designed according to the thermal energy needs.