Gutter Systems

Gutter Systems

Working with famous brands around the world as solution partners, Persan adds distinctive values to the users with the unique design and technical superiority of its gutter systems.

Thanks to its joints produced without using interrupted sealant, it has a complete sealed system and eliminates all expansion problems thanks to its expanding descending chambers.

With its superior resistance against thermal shocks, UV rays, corrosion, severe rains, frost, mechanical shock and breakage ensured by its PVC structure bearing titanium labels, it offers an ideal solution that can be used safely in all weather conditions. 

Gutter systems which offers many advantages such as the modular product range, high hydraulic capacity, fast and easy application combine aesthetic and functionality and offer a new perspective to architects, engineers, practitioners and owners.

Mediterranean Dusty Rose

Mediterranean Brown

Mediterranean Black

Mediterranean Green

Mediterranean Yellow

Mediterranean Earth Color

Mediterranean Blue

Exclusive Trussed Ladder

The trussed ladder is made of press-cast aluminum. It has 200 kg carrying capacity per step or 500 kg for the whole ladder with a step width of 30 cm and step depth of 14 cm.

Case and cover case is of 19 mm-thick unprocessed raw wood.

The lower surface of the cover is white and the edges are processed. The cover perimeter is completely sealed. Its casing weight is 24 cm.

Standard Accessories:

  • Snap lock
  • Opening bar
  • Easy-to-install white molding edge

Garant Exclusive Roof Ladder is covered by 5-years manufacturer warranty.